Company is in possession of 2,22,000 sq. ft. of commercial space for a long term lease period. The space is expandable and customized as per the requisites of our logistics partners

Scalability of business space as required is an added advantage of the demographical location.

Efficient delivery system ensures the growth of new products business and similarly reduces loss of business due to non-availability of products. Daily delivery within the city limits of Mumbai for all the companies.

Administrative area is equipped with advanced Computer system on LAN connectivity and centrally air - conditioned. Conference & meeting areas are digitally connected with LED.

The premises powered with local power supply and backed up by a one 250 KVA DG, two 125 KVA DG one 82.5 KVA DG & one 30 KVA DG.

Multiple walk in cold room with Auto set temperature ranging from 2-8 °C, -25 °C enabled by data logger auto DG power supply, alert system with SMS and siren, multiple deep freezer -25 °C , -86 °C for storing coolant's etc.

Maintenance, recording with Periodical checks and observations on quality control like Pest control, Security, Housekeeping, Electric components, Generators, Fire Extinguishers, CCTV surveillance, Vending machine, Cold - chambers alarm system.

Mobility Vans, Pantry, House keeping facilities to enhance staff efficiency.